Colbree Engineering Group

Precision Engineering since 1985

Tel:  01296 664200

Fax: 01296 664201

email: [email protected]

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Full range of ferrous, nonferrous and pure metals including Brass, Aluminium, Steel, Copper, Silver and Gold.


Standard capability of +/- 0.05mm


Highly complex parts.


Full Cad/Cam facilities.


Welding of Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Steel and Titanium.


Aerospace and MOD approval.


80 tonnes power press capability.


Full range of specialist finishing process from our audited supplier network.

The original jewel in the groups crown. Since 1985 Colbree has built an eviable reputation for supplying high quality fabricated parts.


Equipped with the latest Trumph combined capability machine to enable punching, tapping and folding all to be done on the same machine tool and five axis folders for forming the most complex of designs.


Mig, Tig, Arc, Braising and Spot welding processes are all performed inhouse by our skilled team. Each welder has been externally approved to M.O.D and Aerospace accreditation.




Colbree AS9100 Certificate